Sunday, May 22, 2011


My sister was married yesterday. She had planned to have an outdoor wedding, by a lake. The weather refused to cooperate. Her wedding was planned to start at 4:30 and the rain began to fall around 4:00. So the wedding was moved under a large picnic shelter. Her two daughters were my sister's bridesmaids and her sons gave her away. After the ceremony, wedding cupcakes were served. My niece had baked and decorated all the cupcakes beautifully.

After cupcakes, we all headed over to a restaurant for an informal reception. Several of my aunts and uncles from Illinois were able to attend. It was lovely seeing them all again and catching up on their lives. Our extended family isn't very close any longer, mainly due to the distance. Mike and I received several invitations to come visit people. As our children get older, it seems to be harder and harder to find time for extensive visits with family.

The wedding was lovely and I hope that my sister and her husband have a very happy life together.

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