Monday, June 6, 2011

The Decorating of the Graduation Cake

Katie has always loved Spiderman. When we were planning her graduation party, she asked if she could have a Spiderman party. Of course, I agreed. After all, it's her last party as a "child". Her boyfriend, Woody is a wonderful artist. He has given her several drawings and asked if he could decorate the cake.

When I ordered a full sheet cake without any decorations, the bakery thought I was a little strange. When I picked up the cake, the baker looked at the cake and remarked that they had forgotten to complete the cake.

Saturday night, Woody came to our home to decorate the cake. He had underestimated the size of the cake, so it was necessary to redraw the design on the cake box lid.

The black outline is complete and the blue color has been added.
He did a marvelous job. Katie framed the cake box lid as another memento of her graduation.

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