Saturday, June 18, 2011


A couple of days ago, I received an unexpected card in the mail. A lovely woman who reads my blog sent me a beautiful note which really brightened my day. It's been hectic around here the last few months and I've been feeling like I'm stranded on an island in the middle of a large ocean. I can't express how touched I was by her thoughtfulness. She also sent a generous check with instructions to buy a treat for our family or do something fun.

We spent a happy hour trying to come up with an idea that everyone liked. Mike came home and suggested that we try to spread the treat as far as possible. Thursday night, we bought marshmallows and roasted them around a bonfire in the backyard. The fire was rather bright at one point, so everyone made puppet shadows on the side of the house. Allie didn't get the idea right away and tried to act out her idea like she does when playing charades. Then, we told ghost stories for over an hour. We considered singing songs, but didn't want to wake up the sleeping neighbors.

Last night, we rented a movie for the family and cooked popcorn. The kids brought their blankets down from their bedroom and spread them out on the family room floor. The movie wasn't my personal favorite, but the kids laughed out loud and I enjoyed watching them snuggle up on the floor together.

The kids are making lists of ideas for the remainder of the money. It should be a blast.