Saturday, June 18, 2011

Water Fest 2011

Friday was arm-band day at our town's big summer celebration. Katie was working, so I took all the other kids over to the carnival during the afternoon. While everyone was getting their arm bands, I took Paige and Allie over to ride the train.

After the ride, my two youngest girls patiently explained to me that they were really too old for this ride. Due to their extreme age and sophistication, I suggested that they go on the Scrambler next. I expected them to get a little scared and maybe be a little less sure of themselves. It didn't work. Everyone had a blast. Paige and Allie have also grown since last summer and are now allowed to ride on most of the "big kid" rides by themselves. They didn't want anyone to ride with them on the Scrambler. Halfway through the ride, I noticed that Paige was up on her knees with her hands in the air. I shouted to her that she had to sit on her bottom or they would stop the ride.

After the ride was over and my heart had slowed back to its normal pace, I asked Paige why she was not sitting properly. During the ride, she was sliding into Allie. Paige thought that she would be able to move over more easily on her knees. It was good to know that she wasn't trying to be naughty, but I mentioned that I wanted one of the older children on the rides with the two youngest.

Everyone wanted to go on the Tornado next. Steve gets motion sickness, so he and Amy rode with Paige and Allie. Joe and Madelyn wanted to spin a lot, so they rode together. Madelyn is also fearless. When she wasn't spinning the ride, she was riding with her arms and legs hanging out of all sides. She doesn't get that from me!

Everyone humored me by going on a "wimpy" ride next. Not the masculine pink dragon that Joe and Madelyn are using.

Time for the merry-go-round! Did you know that the merry-go-round uses seat belts on all the horses and sled? Where's the excitement in that?

Fun house.

The Ferris Wheel was a huge thrill for Paige and Allie. Amy doesn't like heights (she's like me) but rode on it for Allie's sake. Steve also endured the ride for Paige. What a great sister and brother!

Joe and Madelyn wanted to ride on the boat ride. The ride takes the boats up into the air and then spins the boats on their sides. Luckily, Paige and Allies weren't tall enough this year.

Everyone had a blast during the afternoon. I let the older children return after dinner to hang out with their friends. I'm so glad that we went first as a family when everything was new and exciting.

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Barb the Evil Genius said...

We have something like this every 4th of July weekend in the town in which I grew up. A wrist band got you all the rides you wanted, all day. I would ride just about everything; it was one of the highlights of my summers.

My eldest was on the kiddy Dodgems when she was about four. Part way through, she decided she was done, so she unbuckled and walked out, totally oblivious to her parents screaming at her not to do it. *That* was interesting!