Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Conversation

We were talking in the family room this morning about Joe's trip last week.

Joe: "The guys on the cross-country team think that I use big words. Easy words, like reprimand. I had to explain what it meant to one guy 5 times. He said that he was going to write it down in case I used it again."

Amy: "Just think Joe, you can help raise the team's SAT vocabulary scores this year."

Joe: "After I had explained another word to someone, another team-mate had said, 'We weren't all home schooled you know."

It's good to know that at least his vocabulary skills are up to par.

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Ewe said...

I've thought about this a couple times since you posted it. Thanks for posting this great conversation. I can see my sons saying something like this in 8 more years.