Friday, August 26, 2011

Cross Country Meets

Joe had his first two cross country meets this week. He injured is ankle on Monday, but ran in both meets. He's supposed to ice it frequently and take the weekend off from running.

The first meet was an invitational pre-season meet with 10 schools participating. Joe's team came in first! He finished in the top 25% with an injury. We were really proud of him for pushing on throughout the race. Joe had a great time at the meet. We were able to watch him at various points during the run, but forgot the camera to get a picture.

His second meet was Thursday. Unfortunately they lost this match. One of the runners got mixed up on the course and ran further than planned. I missed the meet because one of the girls was running a high temperature. Mike was able to meet some of the other parents. He also learned about a potluck dinner that the team hosts for another team towards the end of the season.

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