Friday, August 12, 2011

Family Dinners

I have a confession to make. Mike and I don't usually eat dinner with our family. Not because we don't like the kids, but because we can't fit 9 people at the table. When we eat together, some of the kids end up eating on nearby TV trays. The TV tray kids don't feel part of the family and it's an awkward arrangement.

Today, that has changed. A lovely man who works with Mike is moving into a smaller home. He and his wife no longer need a large dinner table. He graciously gave the table to Mike. The table seats 10 people comfortably. We can even have a guest sit at the table without squeezing everyone. This is such a blessing for us.

The table arrived this afternoon and we spent a few hours rearranging the dining room. I can hardly wait to sit down this evening and enjoy some family conversation.

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