Monday, August 8, 2011

Letterbooxing with Kim

Last Thursday, Mike had the day off and wanted to work on Amy's car, so I had the opportunity to go letterboxing with the friend who introduced me to letterboxing. We headed up to the Grand Rapids area and spent the day gathering boxes from cemeteries and a few parks. One of the parks was in Hudsonville. It had a baseball field, picnic area, small hiking trails, playground equipment, streams and a gazebo. I was surprised to see so many people wandering around with cameras. It seems that this park is the local place to take photos of family members. One person was even carrying a quaint chair to use in photos. Briefly, I considered gathering up my crowd and heading to the park for our yearly photos. The scenery is amazing. Then, reality set in. There is no way that we could all ride somewhere in the SUV for 2 hours and arrive with everyone's hair and clothing ready for photos.

One of the series of cemetery boxes had stamps from the Adam's Family. It was a cute idea and the carves were well executed. I'll probably return again another day with my children to let them collect these boxes. They would love to see these stamps. I can hear them now singing the song as we travel from box to box.

Kim and I had a lot of fun and it was wonderful to have a day of adult conversation, boxing, and laughter. Thanks Mike for making it possible to do this guilt free!

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