Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mom Update

My mom completed her new chemotherapy treatment last week. She managed to get through the month of weekly treatment fairly well. Her biggest fear had been the side effects that happened with her normal chemotherapy treatment. The new treatment made her tired, but she didn't lose her hair, have the terrible nausea, or get as depressed as she has in the past.

Today, she went to her cancer doctor and learned that the lumps have disappeared and her blood work looks good. She returns to the doctor in 2 months for another assessment. The plan is to continue with this new treatment every 6 months for the rest of her life. The normal chemotherapy doesn't put her lymphoma in remission as it does for 90% of lymphoma patients.

I'm so thankful that this treatment seems to be something that she can tolerate and will keep the lymphoma from spreading throughout her body.

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Bikermom said...

Awww......Gods blessings as you love your mom through. Glad she got some good news.