Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Too Many Balls in the Air

Life seems to be spinning out of control. The kids are all being helpful, I'm just struggling to keep track of everything. Joe left for cross-country camp this morning. Steve still isn't able to walk, so Madelyn is delivering Joe's papers, taking care of the cat and dog, and mowing the yard.

After I dropped Joe off to leave for the U.P, Madelyn was invited to go to the beach with some friends. She received permission and was gathering all her things, when I realized that I didn't know if she was going to the lake that is 10 minutes away or the lake that is 30 minutes away. I asked her where they were going and she ran next door to ask where they were headed. She ran to our door and called to me through the screen that they were going to Lake Michigan. I distractidly told her to have a good time. About 20 minutes later, I realized that the beach they were heading to was 2 hours away. She had papers to deliver in 3 hours. Oops!

Madelyn doesn't have a cell phone and I don't know the neighbor's cell phone number, so I couldn't call her. I frantically asked Steve and Kate if they knew which houses to deliver. They didn't. We searched high and low for a list of houses that take the paper without success. Steve offered to bag all the papers so they would be ready when Madelyn arrived home.

There is a 3 hour window to deliver after the papers arrive at our house. Madelyn reached our house just before 4:30 and Katie is now graciously driving her through the route, so the papers are delivered before 5:00. They should make it in time. Now if I can just remember that Madelyn needs to be home in the afternoons the rest of the week!

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