Sunday, August 21, 2011

Joe is Home!

Joe has been gone to cross country camp for the last 5 days. He had a great time and met many new friends. When Mike went to pick up Joe, the coach walked over and spoke to Mike about the trip. He complimented Joe on how well he fit in with the team and how much the adults appreciated Joe's helpful attitude. Joe also stepped on a nail, so I need to get him in for a tetanus shot tomorrow. It was so much fun listening to Joe tell about all the fun activities and watch him laugh about some of the crazy things the boys did during the trip.

Tomorrow is the last practice before the team's first meet on Tuesday. The meet will take place in our town, so Mike and I will be able to watch. I managed to see the schedule for September and we will be very busy this fall. It's Joe's time to shine.

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