Saturday, September 17, 2011

Cartoons and Society

Cartoons have changed since I was a child. I'm not referring to the addition of adult cartoons, although The Flintstones was originally for adults. Cartoon shows from my childhood are still being made today, but they aren't as wholesome. This morning it was cold inside out house, so Allie, Paige and I were snuggled up on the couch under blankets. The girls had control of the remote, but I asked them to find something we could all enjoy.

The girls turned on Looney Tunes. I loved Elmer Fudd, Bugs, and the Road Runner! After watching the beginning of the show, I was surprised. The opening scene was Daffy Duck standing outside a door speaking to his girlfriend who was holding a baby. Daffy was moaning about how much he had trusted her, how he never wanted to see her again, and how she had betrayed him. The girlfriend told him to take it easy, because she was just babysitting her sister's child. I wasn't expecting Looney Tunes to use this type of humor. It seemed a little adult for the under 7 crowd.

The middle of the show portrayed Daffy and a Mommy and Me class. Daffy joined in complaining about how difficult it is to be a mom and complaining that Dad's don't do enough to support the moms. The "poor women" message wasn't appropriate. The cartoon is rated for children under 7. Shouldn't impressionable children be allowed to believe that BOTH dad and mom are important. What about the poor dad who goes to work each day, so that mom can stay at home. I also noticed that the mom had money to take the infants to the movies and to Mommy and Me class.

The show ended with Daffy deciding that he loved being a mom. Daffy turned to his girlfriend and said that he wanted them to have children. I realize that I'm in the minority in this country, because I believe that two people should be married before they have children. Still, the comment seemed inappropriate.

The show didn't need these moments. The humor associated with Daffy caring for an infant could have happened without the adult-type of banter and the evil-men agenda. I'm disappointed that Looney Tunes isn't the same mindless, silly cartoon from my youth. It's too bad that the creators of children's programs feel the need to indoctrinate instead of entertain or educate. I won't ban the show from our home, but I'll probably find other things for the girls to watch when possible.

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Ewe said...

My MIL bought the boys some Looney Tunes DVDS. The box actually said they were not suitable for children-they were designed for adults. I couldn't believe it when I read that-they are cartoons!