Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tears, Grumpiness, and Exhaustion

The kids made it through their first week of school. Monday morning, Steve wasn't thrilled to go back. He's grumpy and doesn't appear too thrilled with the "school" experience. Unfortunately for him, I'm mean and am making him stick it out. He doesn't have to return next year, but he made a commitment for this school year. He's also gotten really grumpy. Steve's normal personality is cheerful. He loves to make people laugh. That isn't the case right now. He shares minimally about his school day, so I'm not really sure what is going on at school. Hopefully, we'll get this figured out soon.

Last night, Allie began to cry. She misses me. She asked if she could not go back to school. We talked about the friends that she had made and the book that her teacher was reading aloud to the class. I mentioned how much she enjoyed recess. She still wants to stay home. It was tougher, but I am going to make her go back to school too. Part of her problem is that she's exhausted. The younger girls are in bed by 8, but the early morning isn't giving them enough sleep.

When the girls get home from school, they change into play clothes and immediately head outside to play with friends. I call them in for dinner and then they race outside again. The weather is so perfect right now, I hate to make them spend time inside. They will get enough inside time this winter! I think that I'll take the kids for a picnic and hiking day over the weekend. We won't letterbox, but simply enjoy being outside. I would enjoy spending time with the kids and it might help Allie.

Poor Joe is constantly on the go. Yesterday, he woke up at six, went to school, then had cross country practice until 5, raced home to eat, left the house at 5:45 for a choir performance, got home at 9 and did homework until 11:40. Today is just as busy. He is so tired! School has been good for him. He's happy, organized, and applying himself to all his interests. I can't express how much I enjoy watching him mature.

Madelyn is working hard on her school work and has decided that she wants to be a contortionist. She was already pretty flexible, but now it's scary. Amy has been spotting her while she works on new positions. I don't know how long this phase will last, but it's fun to watch her.

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