Friday, October 28, 2011

Changes at Our House

Today was Paige and Allie's last day at the public school. We told the girls last night. There were a few tears, but the girls seemed to accept the situation. We stressed that they had not done anything wrong and that we weren't upset with the school or their teachers. We explained that we felt that their educational needs were best served at home.

The girls came home from school with lots of notes from their friends. Both teachers invited the girls to come visit some time. The principal spoke with the girls about today being their last day. The teachers sent home some of their partially used workbooks. We will probably use the penmanship and vocabulary workbooks next week, just to have some familiarity in the first few days.

Stephen's counselor called to let me know that he will be required to take tests for all his homeschool classes to receive credit. He has two weeks to take 16 tests. I explained that Steve won't be returning next year or getting a diploma from the high school. The counselor is going to talk to the principal to determine if he can attend classes the remainder of the year without taking the tests. If he is required to take these tests, he will also be returning home.

Stephen has a high GPA in his current classes. He is demonstrating that he is capable to doing the work at grade level. If he is getting an A in 11th grade English, why does he need to take a test to prove that he is capable to doing 9th grade English? It seems like a lot of jumping through hoops for the sake of filling out paper work. What a waste of time!

It will be lovely to have the girls home next week. I'm looking forward to spending time with them and watching them flourish educationally once again.

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