Wednesday, November 2, 2011


The girls are enjoying their first week at home. We've played with friends and went on fun field trips. God has blessed the girls by having their best school friends continue to be a part of their lives. I was nervous that Paige and Allie's best friends would no longer be able to play with them. Their friends' parents are teachers at the school the girls no longer attend. One of the moms has asked if the girls could have a regular Wednesday play day! She also offered to bring information about community activities, so my girls don't miss out on soccer, baseball or art classes.

I'm also thankful that the girls have been industrious with their schoolwork this week. They have worked diligently on their assignments, so we have been able to have fairly short school days and lots of time for other interests. We're hoping to be able to go visit their grandparents over the next couple of weeks. We haven't had time to see either side of the family recently. I know everyone will enjoy a nice long visit.

Mike called me this afternoon to tell me that my sewing machine is repaired! It's been several months since my machine was in working order. On Friday, I will have a newly cleaned, working machine. Time to do some serious sewing! The best information was that it was less than $100 for the repair! Mike and I were afraid that the repair would be several hundred dollars. What a blessing! Let the sewing begin.