Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fall Hike and Cheerleading Stunt Clinic

These are some photos of the girls when we were hiking recently. I missed most of the beautiful fall days this year. When there was time to enjoy a forest walk, the weather didn't cooperate. I'm so glad that we were able to spend that weekend outside.

Paige and Allie resting on a wooden fence. The trails in the park are wonderful. They are well groomed even in the winter!

Amy, Paige and Allie

Paige and Allie headed off into the swamp on floating docking. The snakes were near me, just off the main trail.

Madelyn playing around at the rest area on our way back from Stunt Clinic.

The easy pose when Madelyn is at the top of the pyramid. She prefers the throw and catches in the V-sit position. Parents weren't allowed at the clinic, so I only have her description to know what is happening. I'm still not sure if it's better NOT to know exactly what she is doing.

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