Tuesday, October 18, 2011

More Free Time on my Hands

Having one homeschooled student is fun. We accomplish everything early each day. We have time to talk, play games, clean the house, cook real meals. On the other hand, Madelyn isn't used to having or desiring her teacher's undivided attention all day. She's taken to hiding out in other rooms to do her assignments instead of sitting at the table, where I wait patiently for her to complete her work.

To give her a break and bring her back to the dining room table, I've been doing letterbox trading cards or LTCs. After providing instruction and doing a few practice problems with Madelyn, I work on trading cards while she does school. She really appreciates NOT being the center of attention and I get to be a little creative.

LTCs are 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inch cards that are stamped with a hand-carved rubber stamp and then decorated using various craft techniques. Each LTC trading tracker consists of between 12-50 participants. Each person makes enough cards for each person signed up in the tracker. The cards are then mailed to one person, who divides them among all the participants and then mails them back.

After creating and stamping all the LTCs, I plant the stamp with a logbook for someone to find as a traditional letterbox.

These are some of the LTCs that I've made this week.

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