Tuesday, October 18, 2011

More on Spelling

Paige has continued to bring home incredibly difficult spelling words each week. We're still spending hours each week studying spelling. They do not do any spelling in the classroom. I've fumed to my family, but have not spoken to the teacher about the ridiculousness of these lists. Obviously, I'm not the only parent upset by all the homework. Monday, Paige's teacher sent home an information sheet about her expectations with assigned homework.

The children were given a placement test at the beginning of the school year for spelling. After the results were tallied, the students were divided into various groups based upon their skill level. Paige is in the top group. The students in each group are provided a huge list of words. Each child chooses 20 words for the week. If a child misses any of the words, they are placed on the following weeks list. PAIGE has been choosing these words!

We had a (reasonably) calm discussion on choosing words for her spelling list. She can pick 3 very difficult words each week, MAXIMUM. The rest of the words need to be middle difficulty words. I won't force her to pick what she calls the "baby words". Hopefully, this discussion will greatly decrease the amount of time we spend of learning new words each week.

Btw, Paige's teacher is thrilled with Paige's spelling ability! She should be. We've worked hard enough! :)

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