Saturday, November 19, 2011

Katie Turns 19

Katie's birthday was Friday. She had recently watched Outrageous Foods on the Food Channel and noticed that they were featuring a restaurant in Michigan. As a special treat for her birthday, we drove up to Muskegon and ate at Papa Bear's Restaurant.

When we located the restaurant, we weren't sure if we wanted to eat there. The restaurant still looked like someone's house. It was sort of run down and probably not a place we would normally eat.

After driving 3 hours, we decided to go inside and be adventurous. This is the entry rug, which Madelyn, Paige and Allie thought was fabulous.

Katie wanted to order The Grizzly, which was featured on Outrageous Foods. The Grizzly is a large meat, pepper, onion, cheese and egg filled hash brown, covered in cheese. Only four people have been able to eat this entree since it was placed on the menu.

Katie trying to eat her Grizzly.

After four people had dined on Katie's entree.

We brought home enough food to feed everyone breakfast tomorrow! We probably will never return to Papa Bear's restaurant, but the portion sizes are generous and the staff was friendly. I can see why so many locals eat there. The cost of Katie's Grizzly.......$16.

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