Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Nostalgic Christmas Gifts

My oldest daughter asked for a Nintendo NES for Christmas. It was the first video game system that she remembers playing as a child. When she mentioned it last week, the system was selling used on Ebay for about $25. Yesterday when she was gone, I tried to purchase the system on Ebay. We still own two controllers, the gun and a dozen games, so I only need the actual system. The NES is now selling for $50-$100. Yikes!

I waited until she came home from work and asked her how much she wanted the NES? She looked at me strangely, so clarification was necessary. After learning that the system is now substantially more than it was last week, Amy decided that reliving her childhood wasn't that important.

It would have been fun to have the game in the house again, but I think we can wait until January or February to relive the past.


Bikermom said...

I am stumped as to any gifts for the kids. Group gift? I guess our wheels are turning but getting no where fast.

Karen said...

I have frequently given a large group gift for my kids. There have even been occasions when we've combined money from grandparents with money from us for a really nice group gift. I hope you come up with something soon.

Cheryl said...

Karen, you can play a huge assortment of those old games, including a lot of the NES ones, for free on this site:

If you have a Wii you can also download a lot of the old NES games to play on Wii.