Thursday, November 10, 2011

Toe Surgery

Steve's been struggling with a lot of pain in is left foot. His two largest toe nails were ingrown. Mike had many problems with ingrown toenails as a teen and had them all cut out. (He really hates the way his toes look.) A few years ago, Steve had the two largest toe nails on his right foot cut out, but it was time to get the other foot done.

Mike took him Tuesday after school. Steve had a much more difficult time with the left foot. He did manage to get hot pink bandages though, which improved his spirits. We allowed Steve to stay home from school on Wednesday, but shipped him back today.

I was meeting with his counselor to work on next semester's schedule, so planned to take in the note for his absence. The school dean called me before the appointment to clarify that Steve had permission to miss school. The dean excused the absence, but wouldn't mark it as a medical excuse unless I bring in paperwork from the hospital. I guess looking at Steve's feet isn't good enough proof. :) Mike turned in the paperwork to the insurance company, so Steve will need to settle for an excused absence.

He's still hobbling around the house and probably won't be doing too much walking, running, or skateboarding any time soon. Even though we got snow today and the skateboard season has ended, he'll be much more comfortable when the toes are fully healed.

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Melinda said...

Hey Karen tell Steve I hope he has a speedy recovery! :)