Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl

My family aren't big football fans. The only game we watch each year is the Super Bowl and that we watch for the commercials. Last night, Joe went off to a Super Bowl party with friends and Katie worked, so the rest of us enjoyed our family annual Super Bowl Bash.

Hebrew National Hot Dogs (I never buy these because they are so expensive.)
Baked Beans
Veggie Tray with Dip (Dip is another huge treat around here.)
Homemade Conqueso
Tortilla Chips
Chocolate Cupcakes
Mountain Dew (another special occasion treat.)
Pistachio Nuts

After the food portion of the evening, Paige and Allie went to the living room to play Guitar Hero, after begging to be told when the commercials were playing. Steve went upstairs to do school work. Mike started working on the computer. A short while later, I realized that Amy and I were the only people watching the game. Neither of us likes football. We would prefer to watch a Pride and Prejudice or Lord of the Rings marathon!

I think next year we need to rethink our party. Since they've started showing the commercials on youtube, I don't know if it is worth sitting through the game. Maybe we should have a non-Super Bowl Bash and enjoy watching something that everyone would stick around to see.

When we picked Joe up from his Super Bowl party, I asked how everyone enjoyed the game. They talked to each other during the game and watched the commercials. Maybe my family isn't so different after all.

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