Sunday, February 5, 2012

Looking at Property

Mike has been looking at various properties on the internet. It's not uncommon for me to be asked to get on the internet and look at a property that he's read about in the property listings two or three times a day. We've driven by several different homes, but haven't been thrilled with any of them.

I discovered a house listing for a beautiful home at the top of our budget. It's in an excellent school district that tends to have high home values. The home had four bedrooms, four baths, 3600 square feet of living space, a full basement, two car garage, huge inground pool and pool pavillion all on a little over 1 acre. It's a lot of house, but we are still a large family and I thought that it would be a good investment for us that we could sell when some of the children leave home.

The home was 1/4 of the price that it sold for 5 years ago! Mike wasn't interested in that much house or the pool expense. So it went on the back burner. Mike called after work and asked if we wanted to go for a drive to look at the setting of the house and maybe peek in the windows. Four of the girls and I piled in the SUV and we drove the 25 minutes to see the house.

As we approached the address, my mouth was hanging open. When we saw the house everyone started laughing in amazement. The house was almost everything the listing stated. The lawn wasn't as pristine as the photo, but that wasn't the problem. This 3600 square foot home with a massive in ground pool is on a stretch of road that contains endless quantities of rusty old trailers. Not just house trailers.....there were several semi-trailers sitting next to the house trailers. When we reach the corner, we noticed a stick-built home that looked like a place for the American Pickers' guys to visit. Acres of old farm machines, old boats, old rusty cars, all carefully arranged in rows throughout the property.

Needless to say, we won't be pursuing this home. As we were leaving, Mike leaned towards me and asked if I still wanted my "dream home." He thinks we could get it for even less than the listing price!

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MaryAnn said...

That just goes to show you, that a picture can say a thousand words...but they only use a few words to discribe properties! Your dream house is out there, and it will come at the right time....hopefully closer to us!