Wednesday, February 1, 2012


We bought our current home 2 1/2 year ago. It was a foreclosed home and required a ton of work. It took us 5 months to repair the 1 foot hole in the roof of the family room, rip out miles of stinky carpeting, hang drywall, mud the walls, prime the walls with three coats of primer and finally paint every wall and ceiling in the house. We also tore down the surround on the deck which prohibited the deck from ever drying out completely. We also had carpeting installed in all the bedrooms and the living room and family room. Last year we put up privacy fencing, built a storage shed and added raised garden beds. Lately, Mike has completed hanging wains-cotting in the stairway.

There are still some things that we would like to do on the house: install hardwood flooring in the kitchen and dining room, replace the upstairs vanity and flooring, hang new drywall in the upstairs hall and one bedroom, also the main floor rooms need to be repainted. We would also like to replace the siding on the exterior of the house.

Our original plan was to purchase the house with cash and completely refinish the interior and exterior of the house, then resell the house within five years. We're about 2/3 of the way through with the renovations and I'm happy with what we've completed. The remaining projects will either be hired out to professionals or are projects that I would enjoy doing.

Mike has suddenly began to look at new properties. We've driven by several homes. One in particular had a number of things that I would like our next home to have without a lot of remodeling left to complete. The problem is that I'm not ready to pack up our household of 9 people and move again. If we complete the remaining projects, we will be able to do quite well on resale.....even at the current home prices.

I also want to see the house project finished. So much of my day is spent doing tasks that are never done. All the cleaning, laundry, and even schooling are never finished. I want that feeling of accomplishment that comes with the completion of a huge project!

Another reason for my lack of enthusiasm is that my youngest girls are just beginning to feel like this house is home. They no longer ask if we can go see the old house or tell me how much more they liked their other bedroom.

We also have 1 college graduate, 1 college student, and a high school senior living with us currently. Our house needs will be changing soon as the oldest children move on to their own adult lives. In another 2-3 years, we may not need 5 bedrooms! We would like our next home to be a house that we stay in for a long time. Do we really want to heat unnecessary spare bedrooms?

Mike and I talked about moving sooner than our original plan over a dinner date last week. He was disappointed that I wasn't thrilled with the idea. I tried to explain my thoughts, but don't think he agreed with my concerns.

If he finds a great home that he wants to buy, I'll be supportive. I just hope he doesn't find one soon.

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