Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Rant About Dogs

Let me start by saying that my family loves dogs. We have always had at least one dog. They are good companions, loving, and loyal. I love their eyes and winning nature. They are also animals that need responsible owners.

People who own dogs should make sure that their dog is adequately fed. Everyday, without fail. I should not find your dog tearing into my trash can every night in search of food. Your dog should also not be coming into my yard to eat my dog's pooh. While we LIKE not having to clean up dog mess, it is not healthy for your dog. It also makes your dog territorial about MY back yard.

Dog owners should make sure that their dog is adequately supervised. If your dog is roaming the neighborhood, while you are inside on the phone, your dog is running loose. He is NOT in your yard! He is chasing the mailman, bikers, and small children who are playing on the sidewalk. Your dog could be hit by a car, stolen, or lost. He could also bite or terrorize someone else.

Dog owners should take note of when their dog accidentally escapes from your home. It is not unreasonable for dogs to occasionally get out of enclosed areas or bolt from an open door. There is a HUGE difference between a dog that has run away and one that is let outside unsupervised. If your dog is in someone's yard and tears into the garbage cans and drags trash all over the neighbor's yard, you should offer to pick up the mess. The neighbors do not need another a new hobby. They do not enjoy picking up trash multiple times each week. They do not like their yard to look unkempt.

Finally, when your dog is digging into the neighbor's trash in the dark and the neighbor's daughter goes outside to take the trash to the road and your dog begins to bark, growl and chase the neighbor's screaming daughter across the yard, you should apologize. Profusely. Thank them for their understanding and kindness. Do not make light of the situation. Then keep your dog chained. If the neighbor ever catches your dog terrorizing one of her children again, the neighbor will call animal control.


Anonymous said...

Oh man Karen, you sound irritated and rightly so. I hope the neighbors get the hint and start minding their dog better. Do they read your blog?

Karen said...

I don't think they read my blog, but Mike was firm (not at all nasty) when he told her to keep her dog in her own yard. Hopefully, the neighbor realized how fed up we are with the situation.

It was a blessing that he was home when Madelyn was chased. She was so upset, it took me 5 minutes to get her calmed down. She was literally trembling. I would have completely handled the situation wrong.

MaryAnn said...

Very well put Karen!