Monday, May 14, 2012

End of the Year and Mom Needs a Break

We're starting to see the end of our homeschool studies and various activities for the year. Many things will end in May; the rest will end in June. Keeping track of everyone's schedule is pushing me to my mental limit. Unfortunately, my stress level isn't being handled as well as it should be. Here's a few examples of my recent over-re-acting and the events leading up to my poor behavior. Saturday began with an early morning eye doctor appointment for Steve to replace the glasses that were lost in the ocean a few weeks ago. We arrived and I filled out the forms. The assistant spent her time answering the phone and then complaining to me about the irritating "old lady" on the phone. The woman WAS annoying (she called the office 6 times during the hour that we were in the office), but the assistant made me uncomfortable with the way she spoke disrespectfully to and about this elderly woman. Eventually, I said. "She probably keeps calling you because she can tell that you are irritated and she doesn't trust you to return her call. She's obviously worried about her upcoming eye surgery and isn't seeing well. Maybe if you were more sympathetic, she would leave you alone." The assistant didn't have any further conversation with me. I should have kept my opinions to myself OR been more tactful in my comments. We will probably find a new eye doctor. After returning home, I picked up Madelyn and Joe to go to Madelyn's cheer competition. There was a lot of road construction on the highway and in Grand Rapids. I was cut off in traffic several times. The Magellan kept taking me to roads that were closed. My head began to pound. After several near accidents, I began speaking to the other drivers. Not loudly. Not using profanity. Simply telling them that I had the right of way and that they should get off their phones and look at the road. Joe finally looked and me and mentioned that we do have a horn that I could honk. I didn't want to make more stress for other drivers and my mumbling was relieving some stress, so I continued my comments. Before we eventually reached the venue, I guess my mumblings were getting louder. Madelyn suggested that we roll the windows down, so the other drivers could hear me. Oops! Today, we had a hectic day of schooling, housework, laundry, and transporting teens around town. Steve was annoyed with me because I couldn't drive him to work. I had to pick Joe up from the high school after track practice. The team members are supposed to be picked up at the field-house. There are two gates to enter/exit the parking lot by the field-house. One of them is always closed and the traffic is crazy. Imagine 75 cars all trying to enter and exit through the same entrance. During track meets, the lot can only be entered by paying a $4 fee. The high school and middle school both have their meets on the same field. Usually, the attendant lets the high school parents enter the lot without paying a fee, if they are only picking up a child. Today, we were not allowed to enter the lot. There is a small space (enough room for 6-7 cars) before the enclosed parking lot. It was a disaster! There were cars waiting on a 60 degree incline waiting for their high school track member. Both sides of the highway were blocked by people double parking to pick up their children. The parking lot is empty. I'm eventually parked in on all four sides. There is a least one fender-bender accident. After waiting for 20 minutes, I approached the parking attendant and ask about the change of rules. She said the school was concerned about possibly losing revenue by letting parents enter to pick up their children. I told her that this new policy was dangerous and not very well thought-out. She mentioned how important it is for the school to pick up as much income as possible. I told her that the new system was asinine and walked away. My tone of voice wasn't confrontational or loud. My statement was absolutely true. Someone is going to be seriously injured. BUT, I should have kept my mouth shut. It wasn't the attendant's policy. She already HAD to know that the new system was a disaster. I did nothing to make her day any better and added to HER stress. I am ashamed of myself. I will be spending the next few days biting my tongue, instead of pointing out the failings of others. I certainly have enough things that I do wrong. I'm sure that I probably irritate people frequently. The split second of euphoria for speaking my mind is not worth the several hours that I have spent regretting my big mouth.

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Barb the Evil Genius said...

You could contact the school about the parking issue, though. Someone was responsible for that mess, and you help pay the salary of whomever it was.