Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Mike, Katie, Madelyn, Paige, Allie and I went to see my mom for a belated Mother's Day visit. The weather was beautiful, so we decided to try for one of the letterbox series planted near my mom's house. There are three series in the area, so I asked Mike if he preferred dealing with potential ticks or potential snake sightings. He thought that ticks would be better for me. The walk was gorgeous. There were tons of birds, wild flowers and butterflies. Katie decided to wait in the Mountaineer while we boxed because she didn't want to ruin her shoes. We found what I believe was the correct location for the first box, but couldn't find the box. The box was near a tree out in a field of tall grass. Everyone searched diligently, but without success. When we returned to the path, Madelyn noticed a tick on the hood of Allie's hoodie. We knocked it off and continued on our way. There were a couple of steep hills and curves through grassland and a small wooded area. We located the box and logged in. The hiding spot was unique and made everyone smile. We retraced our steps and continued our search for the third box. I think we were in the right area, so we began to search for the two trees that had fence growing through them. There was a lot of tall grasses and some May Apples that we walked through to get to the fence line. We couldn't locate the box, so Mike suggested that we back up a little in case we had traveled to far. There were a few trees in the fence line that we located next to a loosely piled group of fallen trees and branches. Mike approached the pile of branches and heard something move. He took off running at a fairly quick pace. (Madelyn said it was almost, but not quite as quick as my Snnnnaaaaakkkeee run from last summer. Time was running short, so we decided to return to the car. About 2 hours later, we discovered a tick on Paige's back. Luckily, it hadn't attached itself yet, so we were able to brush it off. Yuck! Maybe the snakes would have been a better choice. We plan on returning in the late fall, when the ticks have died off.

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Barb the Evil Genius said...

We had to pull a tick off the Dancer's neck once. She picked up in the grass parking lot at our county fairgrounds!

A couple of days after that, she starting vomiting late at night. I was scared, and Mr. BTEG wasn't home, so I didn't want to mess around, and took the Dancer to the ER. Fortunately, she didn't have anything serious, or tick-related.