Saturday, May 26, 2012

Things Accomplished in the Last Week

*Deck moved to another place in the yard. I was sore for two days after Mike, Amy, Joe and I moved it with the help of a carjack.
*Moved rose bush to front yard.
*Mowed lawn.
*Trimmed along house, fence line, shed, and swing set with yard trimmer.
*Weeded the flower beds surrounding 6 large trees.
*Weeded small garden in back yard and perennial bed along side of house.
*Killed grass growing between blocks of sidewalk.
*Dug up ornamental grasses and replanted near property line.
*Planted Vinca Minor and Vinca Major in the bed near the patio.
*Removed debris that was under the deck before the move.
*Laid mulch around new plantings.
*Attended choir concert
*Attended karate testing for Paige and Allie
*Dropped Joe off at the school for the state track competition. (So proud that he qualified.)
*Brought Paige's captain's bed up from storage and put it together in her summer bedroom.
*Moved Allie's bed into Katie's room
*Moved Amy's bed into Madelyn's bedroom.
*Took down my craft table and put it into storage.
*Visited my mom.
*Visited Mike's mom
*Attended an open house.
*All other normal tasks were completed.

I'll be so glad when we get the rearranging completed and I can finish sorting out all household items for our huge sale. Less clutter always makes me happier.

Next week, we will continue to finish up the outside siding replacement and begin prep work for painting the exterior of the house. I will also plan to paint the dining room, family room, kitchen, downstairs bathroom, and living room. The garden should also get planted. Maybe all those interior rooms won't get finished in one week. :)

It will be good to have so many projects finished!


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