Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Our Small Town in on the Map

The little town that I live in has a little excitement this week. Okay, for a town our size, it's a really big deal. The Food Network show Restaurant Impossible is coming here. Robert Irvine and his crew will be redoing a local restaurant. The show will be purchasing all their supplies from local retailers. Katie works at the only home improvement store, so she is hoping to catch a glimpse of someone from the show.

A few days ago, the local newspaper had a story about the television show coming to town. I was telling my children about the news and everyone was talking about it when Steve mentioned that he had know that the show was coming for awhile. His girlfriend (who works at the restaurant) told him and he didn't share the news with us! Mike and I were hoping to get reservations for the grand reopening, but he will have to work that night. Maybe we can go next week to see the changes.

After Mike came home from work tonight, we drove by the restaurant to see if anything was happening. There were a couple of tents up and a tool trailer was on the premises. A security guard was patrolling the area. The renovation will begin tomorrow, with the grand opening on Friday. I plan on driving by the restaurant a few times during the next couple of days to watch the changes.

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