Thursday, September 27, 2012


Allie approached me last week and complained that one of her teeth hurt.  A few years ago, she had a tooth infection in one of her baby teeth.  When I checked out her sore tooth, I noticed that there was a white protrusion coming out of her gums above the previously infected baby tooth.  It looked like a new tooth was trying to get through and the baby tooth underneath wasn't loose yet.

I scheduled a dental appointment and she went yesterday.  The white protrusion was the root of her tooth.  She has another infection in that tooth.  No cavities, but another infection.  She is on antibiotics for the next week and a half, then she will go in for a tooth extraction.  Allie is nervous about the extraction.  I'm hoping that she has a good experience.  Mike will be taking her, because I have had many bad experiences at the dental office and I don't want my dislike to affect her.

Poor baby.  She is so good about brushing her teeth thoroughly and consistently, that it doesn't seem fair to have so many problems.

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