Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hauling, Hauling, and More Hauling

Mike rented a trailer on Tuesday to get all the old appliances out of the reno house.  He removed 1 huge chest freezer, 2 clothes dryers, 2 clothes washers, 2 refrigerators, 1 dishwasher, 1 gas stove, and a pile of miscellaneous steal.  I offered to help load up the trailer, but he had rented a dolly and didn't think it was necessary.

It ended up being three trips to the scrap metal place.  On the second trip, Mike had a refrigerator fall on top of  him.  On the third trip, he had the huge chest freezer fall on his toe.   He was so sore last night!

We managed to take the canoe, outdoor fireplace, lawn chairs, tables, wheel barrow, stationary bike, and lounge chair over to  the other house.  After emptying out the trailer, Mike loaded up three loads of yard waste and took that to the village composting site.

The area of the lawn that Amy, Joe and Madelyn have been working on is looking so much better.  They have cleared out so much vegetation that it looks like a different piece of the property.  Amy has mentioned that she plans to move some of the Rose of Sharon plants to the top tier to provide some privacy in the yard below.  I found some spring bulbs to plant in the lower tier for some spring color.  It will be so nice to see this area in good shape!


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