Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Homeschool Field Trip

Today was the first field trip for the homeschool group that my family has joined this year.  We went to an alligator sanctuary.  Reptiles aren't my favorite types of animals.  I don't like scaly skin, sharp teeth, reptilian odors, or anything to do with snakes.  My daughters, unlike their mom, loved to see the various gators and snakes. We learned alligator trivia and are now ready to take on any alligator questions on Jeopardy or in Trivial Pursuit. 

Did you know that the alpha alligator will not allow other male alligators to swim with their backs showing in his presence?  Did you know that Blue Hurons eat baby alligators?

Paige spent a long time looking for tree frogs in the tropical room.  By the end of our trip most of us had touched or held a reptile.  

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