Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What Kind of Person Would....

God created mankind with a huge variety of personality traits, physical characteristic, and abilities.  I've always enjoyed the differences in the people that I've met.  Sometimes, these differences keep deep friendships from forming and in other circumstances the differences make the relationships stronger. But there are things that people do that I just can't wrap my mind around their thought processes.  Here are some examples of things that make absolutely no sense to me.

*  Why would someone put a breaker box inside the wall frame and cover it with insulation and drywall?  It's a huge fire hazard and inconvenient to access.

* Why would someone put the previously mentioned breaker box next to the front door? 

*  If there is a small (4'x5') platform in the second-story of an entry that has no access ( unless some crazy teenaged boy leaps from the top of the stairs and hoists himself up to the platform while dangling in the air), why does it need a light socket?

*  Is there a purpose for keeping dozens and dozens of plant pots that are used to transport plants from the nursery or store?

*  Do almost three dozen maple trees really belong in terraced planters?  Maple trees get huge!  The would have eventually destroyed the rock wall terracing.

* What is the advantage to cutting holes in soffets for outside lighting, instead of installing lighting fixtures on the outside of a building?  Was it the aesthetic beauty found in the glimpses of insulation showing around the edges of the lights? Another fire hazard to keep me on my toes?

It's been a strange week,  but things will be looking up soon.  I hope!


Bikermom said...

Whoever did it must have thought they were a genius. Our 150 year old house had horrible wiring and then the person who did the horribleness stopped by to visit and bragged about their work and how hard it was. We made no comment and nodded our heads. Do it yourself doesn't always spell workable. Hope there are not any more fire hazards in your wake.

Barb the Evil Genius said...

In regards to the breaker box, it could very well have just been laziness. People cut corners in construction work all the time.

I'm not sure I'm picturing the platform that had the light socket correctly, but if I am, lots of people like to put a chandelier up there. That is, if your platform has a window.

Keeping the plant pots? Watch the TV show Hoarders sometime.

The maple trees? All I can say is that when the condos we live in were built, some of them had maple trees planted right close up against the front doors. We've already had to cut branches away so we could get to our front door unimpeded, and someday that maple tree will be big enough to cause havoc with the foundations. Another maple tree around the corner now is large enough to completely block at least one second story window. In other words, the view from that window is: maple tree.

The soffets thing? Just guessing, but see, laziness, above.

MaryAnn said...

Wow, but doesn't this all just make you scratch your head and think to yourself....."common sense just isn't as common as I thought"?

MaryAnn said...

Wow, but doesn't this all just make you scratch your head and think to yourself....."common sense just isn't as common as I thought"?