Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Costumes

For years, my children have worn home-made Halloween costumes.  When my older children were young, each October found me spending hours in from of the sewing machine.  Elaborate costumes (many involving sequins and satin) were created with hundred of hours of preparation. 

One year, I was unable to create costumes because of a dangerous pregnancy.  Mike used duct tape and raided closets, toy boxes, and the garage to create imaginative costumes.  One child was a mad scientist with a red flashing light  Another child was dressed as Inspector Gadget complete with spy raincoat (hemmed with duct tape) and strange gadgets. A third child wore a recycled princess from an older sister.  The kids had a great time in their costumes and loved helping dad pull them together. 

That experience led me to spend less time creating gorgeous costumes.  I felt a little deprived of creativity, but the stress was considerably less and everyone enjoyed the excitement of dressing for Halloween.

Many of the kids are too old to dress up for Halloween now.  Time for me is at a premium, due to work on the project house.  Saturday, I realized that Halloween was only a few days away.  My younger girls weren't sure about how they wanted to dress.  I was feeling a little guilty because there wasn't enough time to create something  elaborate or fancy.  Amy came to the rescue.  We were sitting in the family room racking our brains for ideas.  Amy entered the room with dress-up clothes and we were able to pull together two costumes for the younger two girls.  It took a total of 30 minutes and both girls are thrilled with what they will be wearing. 

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Barb the Evil Genius said...

Our Halloween trick-or-treating got moved to Sunday evening, because of the rain and wind. More time to work on the Dancer's costume!