Thursday, November 1, 2012


 We had a cold, rainy Halloween this year.  Paige and Allie went door to door with Katie and Joe supervising for about 45 minutes, before they returned home due to cold.  Amy and Madelyn were super nice to them and drove the younger girls through the rest of the neighborhood for another 30 minutes.  They ended their night at Dairy Queen getting a free ice cream cone.  They all arrived home with red noses and icy fingers.

We definitely didn't have princesses this year.  Instead, Allie was a ninja and Paige was the bride of Frankenstein.

Earlier in the day, our homeschool group took a field trip to a bowling alley and laser tag place.  The kids all had a great time.  Paige said this was the best Halloween ever.  Even though the homeschool group takes up way too much time, it has been a positive experience for my children.


Fooling around with our good friends while waiting for laser tag.

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