Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thoughtless Words

It seems so easy.  Think before you speak.  But, so many people don't bother to put their thoughts before their words.  We are all sinners and everyone speaks out of turn at various times, but thoughtless words can have big and frequently unknown consequences.  The woman who embarrassed my husband and son at church on Sunday doesn't realize that she is driving away the few teens who attend church with any regularity.  She was simply making her opinions and thoughts known in a manner that made my teens, who already feel self-conscious at church, to state that they are dropping their membership as soon as they turn 18.  Church has been a struggle for my children the last few years.  They feel out-of-place and uncomfortable. 

I realize that it isn't optimal for people to leave church before they are ushered out.  Unfortunately, my husband and teens are required to work on some Sundays.  They leave the service during the final hymn, from the very back of the sanctuary.  They sit on the end of the pew and leave quietly by the side door to cause as little distraction as possible.  Commenting loudly in a faux whisper (easily heard 5 rows away) about people leaving to go to work, undermines my children's desire to attend church on the Sundays that they must work.

There are only around 70 people in church on most Sundays.  There are 6 teens (4 are my children), 5 elementary-aged children (two are my children), 1 infant and about a dozen under-70-year old adults.  The remainder of the people are 70-95 years of age.  It is a blessing to have so many elderly people in church each Sunday, but please don't drive away the younger people by embarrassing them.  It's very difficult to feel that you belong, when there is no one else your age in attendance. 

I fully realize that the elderly woman wasn't trying to drive my children out of the church.  I realize that it is much better to NOT work on Sunday.  Jobs are tough to find in this economy and employers of high school students aren't willing to give days off  during the weekend.  My children have requested to NOT work on Sunday mornings, so that they can attend church.  Isn't it better for them to hear God's Word while leaving during the last hymn, than not come to church at all? 


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