Sunday, January 27, 2013

Karate Testing Time

Paige and Allie were tested last week for their green belts.  It takes a week to get the results of the testing and Allie wasn't sure that she had passed all the requirements for her green belt.  She had used the wrong block once and escaped from an aggressor using the wrong skill.  I told her not to worry about it and that if she didn't pass, she would surely pass in June.

The two girls were to attend an award ceremony on Thursday, but poor Allie had a temperature of 104.5.  She was so disappointed that she could go to class that she ended up crying.  I think the tears were mostly due to her feeling so miserable.  Amy stopped at the DVD store on the way home from work and brought Phineas and Ferb movies for her to watch.

Madelyn was also sick and missed her cheer awards ceremony.  Mike agreed to go to the mandatory cheer meeting after the ceremony to get information about nationals.  The allowed me to take Paige to her ceremony.  The karate instructor felt bad that Allie wasn't able to attend and asked Paige if she would come forward to accept Allie's awards.  The group performed an exhibition of the skills that they have learned before the ceremony.

Paige and Allie received their green belts. 

Allie called Katie to tell her about the green belt level karate students in our home.  Katie was so happy for them.  The next morning she arrived with a Dairy Queen ice cream cake to celebrate.  By that time Paige was also sick, so ice cream sounded good to both girls.

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