Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Planning Vacation

Stock Photo: Footprints in the Sand.

Even though we hadn't planned to take a big vacation this summer, we're heading to Virginia Beach.  Madelyn's nation cheer competition will be held there and we didn't manage to make it out there last summer, so we seem to be pushed in that direction this summer.

One of the cheer moms had reserved a block of hotel rooms for our team through a travel agent.  After leaving a couple of unanswered messages with the agent, I booked 2 rooms for us during the competition.  The price was $25 more for each room than the rooms that were blocked, but available rooms in the area were coming in $200 more per night/per room.  The cheaper rooms were almost all gone and I didn't want to discover that the reserved rooms were all booked and not be able to get affordable rooms.  There was one room left in the hotel after I booked our rooms.  Whew!

One adult will attend the competition with Madelyn, while the rest of the family hangs out at the beach.  The rest of the weekend, we'll visit places together (maybe even grab a letter box or two) before beginning a leisurely return.  It would be fun to do some camping in the mountains on our way home.  I'd also like to do some historical touristy things.

My younger girls are especially looking forward to a real vacation.  Only two people in my family have seen an ocean, so the trip will bring something new to everyone. 

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