Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Lighting Fixtures for the Project House

The dining room is finally done being painted.  The final color choice was a light tan with white trim.  The room is an interior room without any exterior windows.  There are windows in the entry that lead into the dining room, so there is some natural light, but I wanted to room to be as airy as possible.  

After Paige and Allie's dance class today, Mike and I went to the home center to look at lighting fixtures.  There was one chandelier that I loved, It was brushed nickle and had a whimsical feel to it.  Eventually, it was decided to get something with a broader appeal, so this is the chandelier that we purchased.  There are several other fixtures in the same line that will probably be used in the entry and stairways.  Mike will be installing this fixture tomorrow morning while the homeschooled children and I are at the homeschool group.  Can't wait to see our first room completely finished!

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Progress Lighting said...

That, is a very classy lighting fixture. Great design and looks vintage.