Saturday, February 16, 2013

Feeling the Pressure

I went to the project house last week and spent some time inventorying all the things that still need to be done.  The tear out is completely finished, but the amount of work is overwhelming.  We really need to get our current home on the market this spring, so we can sell it and finish some of the more costly projects on the project house.  It just isn't feasible to sell our current home while we are living in it.  So the project house must have some projects finished before we can put this house on the market. 

The dining room is completely finished.  The light brown and white combination is bright and airy.  The chandelier is installed and looks great.  It's great to be able to say that something is completely finished.  Unfortunately, it's the only room that is finished.

My public school children do not have class on Monday.  Sunday and Monday will be spent at the project house trying to complete some more projects and finish painting Madelyn's bedroom and Joe's bedroom. 

The project has a large closet/room for coats and two smaller closets also for coats.  The three closets are in the same area which is located off the garage and dining room.  One of the coat closets will be used for guests and the second coat closet will be lined with shelves to hold shoes.  During the week, the coat room will get painted and possibly the shelves will get installed into the shoe closet.

Mike and I will be spending next weekend in Chicago to celebrate our anniversary and to attend a letterboxing event.  We did the same thing last year for our anniversary.  I'm looking forward to a break from all the hustle around here.  Hopefully, we'll come home refreshed and ready to tackle lots of  projects over the next month.     

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