Monday, February 18, 2013

Leaving the Nest and Returning Home Again

Katie was asked by a friend from work to house-sit with her for the friend's grandparents who go to Florida for much of the winter.  The girls decided to move in on December 27.  Overall, there time together went well.  The friend's grandparents will be returning home in the beginning of March.  Katie will be moving home on February 28. 

When Katie left, her bedroom was given to Paige and Allie to share.  Allie had been sharing a bedroom with Katie; Paige had been using our formal living room as her bedroom for a few months.  Paige and Allie tend to be good room mates.  They enjoy playing with each other and usually end up sleeping in the same bed.  When Allie moved in with Katie, she spent most of her nights sleeping in Paige's bed.  Occasionally, Paige and Allie would sleep in Allie's bed.

We plan to move into the project house in April, so it's difficult to decide where to put Kate for the month that we will still be in this house.  She may end up with a trundle bed in the room that Madelyn and Amy share.

The biggest change will be Katie adjusting to living in a family situation, instead of the freedom of living on her own.  When I mentioned the adjustments we would all have to make to her, Katie said that she now has a much greater appreciation of cleaning, cooking, etc.  She would like to keep the guinea pig that she and her friend purchased, but we are done getting ANY pets for now.  There is too much upheaval here to add a new pet to the mix.

Katie will only be here until August when she heads off for her junior year and Grand Valley State University.  She's excited to be going and I know that she will do well there.  Hopefully, we can teach her to cook a few more meals before she leaves.  It would be awful for her to live off of pizza rolls and frozen pizza until Christmas.

Steve is considering living on campus at his college next fall.  It isn't finalized yet, because he's searching for room mates.  Our home will be a lot quieter and less chaotic without these two characters around.   

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