Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Easy Children's Paper Wall Art Project

My younger girls love to do crafts with me.  We've been so busy with the project house that our crafting time has disappeared.  I got an idea from pinterest for creating wall art for the younger girl's bedroom using paint chips.  We have a lot of paint chips right now and this seemed like a good use for the paint chips that we decided not to use in the project house. 

The younger girls want to have a blue bedroom with purple accents.  Actually, Allie wants a purple room and Paige wants a blue room.  This was our compromise.  We used purple and blue paint chips and a circle hole punch to create this spiral design.  I still need to make the frame, but the girls are happy to see some of their decorations coming together. 

We also used a leaf punch to make a fall design.  Fall colors make me happy, to this will get hung in the work-out room to help create a calm and happy environment.  I need as much incentive as possible to spend time working out each day!

Neither project took us very much time and the girls enjoyed spending some craft time with me on a rainy afternoon.  I enjoyed doing something relaxing with my youngest girls who are growing up much too quickly.

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