Monday, April 29, 2013

Big Week Ahead at the Project House

Mike has taken a weeks vacation to work at the project house and hopefully pull the remaining "must do" jobs so that we can move.  There will still be some things to do, but it will be easier once we live there.  Having one car has made it difficult for me to get as much done as I would like.

Saturday, Amy, Joe and I worked on painting the ceiling in the entry hallway.  Mike decided to hang new drywall there, so this is the second time we've painted it.  We also burned a lot of brush, did a little tree trimming (thanks Steve!) and moved the swing set.  Paige and Allie were supposed to pick up the few remaining shingles from the new roof, but discovered some bees or wasp nests in the ground near where the shingles lay.  The younger girls were frightened by the bees, so that job will be put off until we kill off the nests.  I used up a bottle of window cleaner and a roll of paper towels cleaning some of the main floor windows.  Yuck!  it's always shocking how nasty people let their windows get.  More Windex and paper towels have been added to my shopping list for later this week.

We're trying to eat out of the freezer and panty in preparation for the move.  Shrimp, fries, and broccoli for lunch with frozen yogurt for dessert.  Chicken breasts with broccoli pasta and salad for dinner with strawberry smoothies for desert.  We're certainly getting spoiled with frozen treats!

The water is getting turned on today.  After checking for any leaks, we will be able to close in the plumbing and install the tile in the main floor bathroom.  I'll be so happy to have water at the project house again to clean floors, etc.  No more hauling paint brushes and trays between the houses! 

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