Monday, April 29, 2013

Mowing the Lawn

Mike fixed the lawn mower and Joe was mowing our front yard, when someone (Rob) stopped his car and asked Joe if he would like to earn some money mowing Rob's yard.  The mower ran out of gas and Joe asked Mike to purchase some more gas for the mower.   Mike ran to the gas station while I got ready to go to Menard's with him to purchase some plumbing supplies.

When Mike and I drove off, Joe was pouring the gas into the lawn mower.  When  we returned from the store, the lawn was still 1/2 mowed.  While we were unloading the SUV, Joe came home from mowing Rob's lawn.  It's always nice to see a child have a strong desire to work, but I had hoped that he would finish our lawn first.

Joe worked on the front lawn for awhile, then Madelyn asked if she could have a turn mowing.  She just came to the door to ask Mike to come look at the mower.  She think she broke it.  I don't know if my lawn will ever get finished. :)

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