Friday, April 12, 2013

Losing Important Items

Due to the chaos of our homes right now, items are occasionally going missing.  Usually, it's just a matter of inconvenience, but recently an important notebook went missing.  The notebook contains the list of assignments that my homeschooled children have completed for an on-line class that is required by our co-op.  We need to complete a certain number each semester and can't do the same assignment more than once. 

While I was in bed with my migraine, I asked Madelyn to do several assignments and list them in the spiral notebook.  She asked Paige to bring her the notebook, which is keep inside my three ring binder that contains our school records.  After the assignments were listed, the spiral binder was left on the dining room table.

Once I felt better, I went to check our progress and discovered the binder missing.  The girls and I have torn up this house several times....probably spending over three hours searching for this notebook.  Yesterday, Joe came home from school and asked if I was missing a binder.  He had grabbed it in the morning with his homework assignments and taken it to the public high school!  Arrg!

At least I know where it's at.  If only he would remember to bring it home.

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