Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Final Push

We are down to the last big rush to get the project house ready for habitation.  I'm spending so much time there right now, it almost feels like I live there.  It seems like miles of walls have been painted, but the wooden staircase walls and ceiling still need to be painted.  None of the upstairs bedrooms have be started.  The bathrooms are in the middle of being put back together, so no painting has been done on them either. 

I will be finishing the edging in the entry on Saturday and will then be cutting and installing trim in the painted rooms.  I had planned to rent the floor sander and start work on the family room, but Mike has asked me to wait until he can help.  He thinks that I am underestimating the difficulty of the job. He's probably right, but I'm a little antsy right now. 

Joe and I picked out the curtain material for his bedroom window and closet.  He doesn't want closet doors and would prefer a curtain.  Hopefully, I can get them whipped out tomorrow morning while the girls do their school work.  Madelyn wants zebra-striped curtains to match her zebra striped  sheets.  The material will be purchased tonight for weekend sewing.  Madelyn's walls are "Barney" purple, so her room will be loud.  At least, I won't be living in it!

Our first floor bathtub was delivered today.  The delivery was scheduled for 1-3, but actually was accomplished around 6.  Mike spent the day at the house to be available to let the delivery people inside the house. 

I've taken a ton of photos of the progress on the house, but have misplaced the cord to connect the camera to the computer.  I'll post them when someone comes across the cord.

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