Friday, May 31, 2013

Dance Recital

Paige and Allie's dance studio had their annual recital a couple of weeks ago.  The dress rehearsal was on Friday night and there were two performances of the recital on Saturday.  The performance times were 2:00 and 7:00.  Madelyn's dance studio also had their recital on the same day.  Her dress rehearsal was on the recital day in the morning. 

There are some photos from the Friday night Paige/Allie rehearsal.  The girls both took beginning ballet in a homeschool class.  There were only 6 student in the class and the instructor was excellent.

Friday night, after the rehearsal, Paige began vomiting.  She was still sick at noon when we had to leave.  Joe stayed at home with her, while I took Allie to the first performance.  The dance teacher had to change some of the choreography in the dance, but everyone did a good job with the changes.

Amy, Katie and Madelyn went to Madelyn's dress rehearsal and later met me at the auditorium to watch Allie's dance.  At the intermission, Amy, Katie, and Madelyn headed off to Madelyn's performance.  Amy recorded Madelyn's dance, so I was able to see her performance.

Between the two performance, I called and asked if Paige felt well enough to go to the evening performance.  Paige was still vomiting, so Allie and I went out for lunch.  We had a lovely meal together and decided to purchase a couple of books for Paige to read when we got home. 

I read one of the books to Allie in the car while we waited for the second performance.  When Allie was done dancing, we headed back home to give Paige her surprise and watch Doctor Who.  It was a hectic day, with disappointment, but everyone pulled together and made it work. 

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