Friday, May 17, 2013


There is a new super hero in our home and her name is Tuna Girl.  Tuna doesn't want to be called  by her real name to protect her hidden identity, but her under-cover name begins with the letter A.  Tuna Girl came into being this morning when I asked everyone to pitch in a help pick up the house which had reached new levels of clutter and mess. Tuna Girl discovered that by placing the wrapping from cans of tuna on each wrist she obtained super powers.

Tuna Girl spends her time saving homes from the attack of various enemies.  Today, she save us from the dreaded cleaning supplies.  Cleaning supplies are poisonous and need to be used carefully and then locked up in the prison above our linen closet.  Tuna created a sparkling clean bathroom and managed to capture and lock up the bad chemicals.

Her next assignment was to collect all scraps of paper that lie on the floor waiting to trip innocent civilians as they go about their daily lives.  There were a lot of scraps from packing up glassware and from school work.  Not only did Tuna Girl collect the scraps, she took them outside and placed in the big green penitentiary to be carted away next week!

Some of the other activities that Tuna Girl completed were collecting dirty laundry and  corralling it into the laundry room, shaking out the throw rugs that were harboring toxic dust bunnies, taking the vagrant smelly shoes to safe lock-ups thereby saving humanity from the stench of yesterdays gym shoes, reuniting lost  drinking glasses and silverware back with their families in the cupboard and drawer.

Tuna Girl wanted to give her sister a super hero name also.  Her sister was cleaning hair out of the roller of the vacuum.  Tuna Girl thought that a great name for her sister would be "Hair Ball".  While I found the name highly entertaining, Tuna Girl's sister did not.  Hair Ball will not be making any appearances in the near future.  In fact, Hair Ball has publicly stated that Tuna Girl and I need to "get out of the house and get a REAL life." 

I loved having Tuna Girl her for the morning and hope that she returns again soon. 

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