Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day

Sunday was a fabulous day!  My family members were so sweet and everyone did something special to make it a wonderful day.  I woke up before everyone and was enjoying the early morning quiet.  Paige came downstairs first and prepared a cup of coffee for me.  Katie surprised me with fresh flowers, two outdoor pieces of pottery for burning insect repelling oil, coffee, and a Payday candy bar before heading off to work.

Amy took me out for a delicious lunch at Matt and Mike's restaurant.  Matt and Mike's servers delicious burgers and fries.  She also gave me two blueberry bushes to plant at the project house.  After lunch, everyone headed over to the project house for a couple of hours.  I did some unpacking, while Mike worked on Amy's bedroom.  Amy and the other children did yard work.  The apple trees were so beautiful!  The back yard grass is so tall! Amy did a little mowing and tried to hide the snakes that she discovered from me. 

While we were gone, Madelyn, Paige and Allie stayed home to work on a surprise.  When we returned, they showed me that evening's dessert.  The girls created an Edible Arrangement for me.  For the last couple of weeks, Paige and Allie have kept commenting on how beautiful the fruit looked in the commercials.  I explained that the arrangements were beautiful, but that they were also very expensive.  So with a little help from Madelyn, they cut and dipped fruit to make me a one-of-a-kind treat.

When we returned home, Mike started making dough for Chicago-style deep dish pizza.  Steve gave me a gift of Hershey's chocolate syrup (to represent how sickly-sweet is his love for me), a Reese's candy bar, and the Duck Dynasty season 1 DVD.

I called my mom to wish her a happy Mother's Day and spoke with her for almost an hour,  While I was on the phone, Paige handed me a slip of paper with directions.  Mom and I ended our call and I read the directions.  It was a clue for a letterbox that Paige and Allie had planted for me.  I located the box and was thrilled to discover that there was a bonus box!  Paige explained to me that the girls wanted me to be able to do something that I really love to do on Mother's Day, so they planted boxes for me.  Paige and Allie put so much thought into their surprise.  These are my two favorite boxes of all time.

Mike and the other children gave me a pair of Birkenstock sandals that were on my wish list.  I love how comfortable Birkenstock sandals feel, but feel guilty even considering spending the money on a pair.  The cork in my old pair finally died at the end of last year.  Mike also discovered that he can get my old pair fixed for $30! 

It was a lovely day that was filled with surprises and treats.  I'm so thankful for my loving, generous family. 

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