Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Family Outing

My children were harassing me about how homeschool mom's are always looking for the educational merits of any activity.  In response to their thoughts, this was one of our recent education family outings.  Mike rented a trailer so we could haul away some of the trash from the project house in preparation for Steve's graduation open house. 

We took two loads to the dump and several trips to the yard waste collection site.

The first full trailer.  Notice all the old horse hair pew cushions on top.

Before we decided to dump the cushions we researched their filling.  Horse hair is black and pig hair is white.  Our cushions were filled with a small amount of pig hair which was wrapped in horse hair.  They stink.  Yuck! 

Paige, Mike, Steve and Joe grabbing more cushions to put into the dumpsters.

Paige and Allie were surprised that it didn't smell more at the dump.

Mike throwing cushions into the dumpster.

Paige was a trooper about unloading stuff.

Joe, Madelyn, and Paige hard at work.

We were also able to get rid of some tires that the former owners had left on the property in a tire disposal dumpster.

Paige closing the gate after the trailer was empty.
Citizens of our town are allowed one dump pass each year to dump non-normal trash.  The town also has free yard waste disposal.  The yard waste is composted and/or turned into wood chips which town residents may take for free.

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Barb the Evil Genius said...

You could call this a P.E. class.

Our town picks up yard waste and chops it up for re-use also. But I don't know if the pick up is free.